Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2, Nick still has no idea these two dogs are in our house...

I brought home a mom and her five day old puppy yesterday. I have them in my craft room because my dogs aren't allowed in there, the sun hits it so it's very warm, and also very quiet. Nick never goes in my craft room and the door is usually shut since it's now more of a dog supply room for work and Spike knows this.

Mama and baby have been here almost 24 hours and Nick still has no idea. I almost just want to see how long it takes him to realize this. I have to crate my three when I take mama out and Nick still has yet to think anything of it or to notice that another dog is going out the front door. Piglet has stationed herself outside of the door for the past day and still, Nick thinks nothing of it. I'm now taking bets on how long we think mama and baby will continue to go unnoticed. I guess, for once, I should thank his Xbox addiction that keeps him in the basement a lot.

Mama is about 4 years old and a very petite little girl. Baby is 5 days old and was checked yesterday by a vet, she's doing great so far. It'll be a while before I try to introduce her to my dogs but I can say with certainty that she LOVES people! She does not, however, like the camera. At all.

Yes, there really are clothes that fit this little baby! Good think Nick's mom bought me pretty much every clothing item on sale at Petco to donate to BARCS. I'm borrowing this one :)

Dear husband,

If you happen to be reading this blog while you're bored at work, I'm sorry! And surprise!


  1. Among the last three posts I am dying from the cute. I've never raised a dog from a puppy, as my dog came from a shelter fully grown, but they are so ridiculously adorable I can barely stand it. You are swimming in puppies over there!!!!!

  2. Hilarious!!! There are many things my husband wouldn't notice. a hair cut, changing where the cups are located in the kitchen, but I'm pretty sure he'd notice another animal, let alone two!! (or else I'd go get more :-) )

    The pics are SSOOOOOO Cute, keep em coming!