Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blondie, our dull- yet sweet- star!

Blondie had a pretty rough start to life. Her previous owners said they used her for pull competitions until she got "accidentally" pregnant and from there she sat in a crate for 9 months. Not sure how much I believe any of that but I do know she is one of the most timid, scared dogs we've ever had. She warmed up to me pretty quickly but was still leery of Nick because he didn't quite understand that screaming at the TV during football and stomping his feet after an extremely difficult and important game of life Halo would not help her calm down.

For some reason Blondie would not go to the bathroom outside. We tried crating her, going out, crating again, going out, and cycling this until she would go. Well, 24 hours later and Blondie and I were in a standoff. I refused to falter on my hourly cycle with her and she refused to pee outside! She also refused to go in her crate, which was wonderful, but it lead her to a bathroom hold out. I decided that I would not lose this battle so she came to work with me and after three days of fighting over this, she went out front of BARCS! Maybe she felt better going back to her roots hah (she came from BARCS), maybe she realized that I'm just as stubborn as her, who knows. I danced and cheered for her like a complete fool and finally, we ended our standoff. It was that hold off though that made me realize Blondie is not exactly intelligent.

We worked on sit for a week, nadda. She walked in to at least five walls a day while she was here. Couches are great until she rolls off of them and jumps up with the most confused look on her face. Water bowls are used for "bobbing for apples" type drinking and food is not meant to be chewed, just inhaled. Despite her, well, "special" state she really is a sweet, happy, love-a-bull girl.

Blondie went to her new home last weekend as a test run and they ended up keeping her! The couple loves her to death and they're friends of ours so we will get to see her often. They actually have one American Bulldog already that they adopted from us about three years ago so Blondie has a brother to cuddle with!

One of Blondie's random running fits!

"What you says, ma?" Ahh the look of confusion.

Understanding how to get up there took a few days but that became her spot!

I had her wrapped in a Ravens Snuggie but apparently she's a Redskins fan? It didn't stay on long.

Just like Jillian, we have been getting lots of updates and pictures of Blondie! It's great to see how well she is doing in her new home and how much she's coming out of her shell.

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