Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jillian! My "heart" foster.

I hear people talk a lot about heart dogs, that special dog that is like no other and will always have the most special place in your heart. For Nick and I both, Spike is our heart dog. I love all of our dogs but no one has touched us on a level that Spike has and I can say with absolute certainty that no other dog ever will.

If there is such a thing as a heart foster dog then Jillian would be it for me and I think the same could be said for Nick, although he would never admit it! Admitting such a thing would help my case that would should keep Jill Jill, as I call her. We've had Jillian for about five weeks now so I am clearly very late on making this post. Jillian was the first dog I brought home after starting at BARCS on December 1st.

Jillian is about a year old, she's a pit bull mixed with who knows what, and she is a lover! It's so hard to teach her "off" and make her sit in order to be pet because my heart melts when she jumps on me and wraps her long arms around me, she likes to hug it out! Jillian is wonderful with other dogs, big and small, and she's great with cats! She is very gentle and knows how to take hints from the other dogs when they want to be left alone. Jillian is completely housetrained and does great in her crate. She is also a puppy feign! We have had quite a bit of puppies in our house over the past two weeks, I almost feel as if I'm running a puppy prostitution ring, and Jillian has loved every single one of them to pieces!

Jillan!! Doing what she does best- cuddling!

Bella loves her Jillian.

Bella and Jillian constantly fight over the same cat bed! Why do we have nice, big dog beds in our house?
Did I mention she's good with cats?! Loves them!
I took Jillian on a long hike one morning, apparently too long, because she didn't even wake up when I put a cookie in her mouth! Bella came and took it back out :)

All ready for bed!

Jillian really does love to be held like a baby.

More love for Bella <3

Possibly the cutest picture ever! Jillian and our foster puppy, Boldin.

Here is a link to Jillian's Petfinder page in case you or anyone you know is looking to add a wonderful girl to their family!


  1. I love reading your blog!!!! I'm a sucker for animals, especially bully breeds. We've got a pit mix and had thought about fostering for our local BB rescue, but found out our town has a bully breed ban :-( (it's not really enforced though, but I don't want to deal with city officials if we foster.)

  2. Thank you so much for following us! If noting else I can promise you lots of cute puppy pictures :)