Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All in the family!

Wilbur has a new home! And his home new mom is my mother-in-law! My mother-in-law, Charlaine, always had a special bond with Piglet since she helped us nurse her back to health and she's always said she wanted a Piglet of her own. Well, she got him! Wilbur kept his name and he's settling in wonderfully at my in-laws house!

Wilbur spends his days chasing the cat, shredding anything he can, running around outback, and taking lots of naps! I am so happy he's still a part of our family and Piglet will get to see her "mini me" often!

Dream Job? Check!

After spending such a long time doing a job I that I absolutely hated I have finally come across, and landed, my dream job! I started last week working for Best Friends Animal Society, I work out of BARCS shelter in downtown Baltimore. Best Friends has partnered with BARCS to create a Shelter Pit Bull Program in an effort to lower the euthanasia rate of pit bull type dogs at BARCS. Here are two articles about the program-,0

So far I love it! My boss is amazing, it's such a change from my past job, I love her excitement about saving animals and the encouragement she's given me has been great! I also love seeing all of the dogs at BARCS and knowing I'm there to help make a difference in their outcome at the shelter.

In the upcoming months I'll be assembling a "pit crew" of volunteers to help with the program so if you're interested in joining please let me know! I'll have more details on that after the first of the year.

Back to your regularly scheduled posting of cute dogs :)