Sunday, October 24, 2010

BARCStoberfest 2010!

One of our favorite events is BARCStoberfest, a fun filled day of dog and family friendly events to raise money for BARCS. BARCS takes in about 11,000 animals a year from a city housing an estimated 355,000 pets. To say they have a full plate at the shelter would be a gross understatement! BARCS works so hard to find homes or rescues for their animals, they really have an amazing team working there. Any chance we can get to help is wonderful and what better way to do it than helping BARCS and Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies at the same time. Nick and I ran the MABB booth this past Saturday, along with the help of one of our fabulous fellow volunteers, Alida, and her daughter. Alida and her family adopted our foster dog Sophie, who was one of our favorites, and we absolutely love spending the day hearing Sophie stories :)

We had a wonderful, successful day at BARCS as you'll see below. We met some amazing pets, saw some past foster dogs, talked with fellow animal and bully lovers, and most importantly; we succeeded in tiring out Miss Bigglesworth, one of MABB's adoptable dogs! We were lucky enough to have her for the day since her amazing foster mom couldn't make it, and she was a hit! Everyone loved her and Miss B sure did love everyone in return.

We're all set up and ready to go!

Miss Bigglesworth really enjoyed the Great Danes

A recent MABB adoption!

In true pit bull fashion, Miss B loved EVERYONE!

Bull shark :) 

This little guy was so determined! 

Not much of a challenge here..

Another adoptable puppy <3

Charlie Brown, a past MABB dog, enjoying the event!

If you missed out on BARCStoberfest this year definitely try and make it out next year! There are costume contests, raffles, giveaways, tons of pet vendors, and most importantly are the adorable adoptable animals at the event!

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