Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A year of fostering, playing catch up!

The plan in the future is for every foster to have his or her own post but right now we have to play a little catch up to cover everyone we have had so far this year! At some point we'll go back before this year... Time, we need more time!

The year started off with Sampson and Delilah. Sampson stayed with us but two at once would have made us both go insane! Delilah went to another great foster home in the area.

 Sampson started out so skinny but oh how that changed!

From Sampson we went on to sweet miss Olivia, a 4 month old pit/boxer mix. Olivia was such a sweet girl and loved everyone!
 She settled in really well with our crew.
 Those ears!

And then there was Bea. Oh Bea. Or "Bing" as Nick called her because all she did was go "bing, bing, bing" bouncing off of everything in our house! Bea was and still is (because we know her owner) very lucky she's so cute! Bea was adopted by one the mother-in-law of one of my best friends so it's nice to get updates on her! I promise Linda, she was not that crazy before we sent her your way!

Sophie!! I will likely cry writing this. I love Sophie, I wanted to keep Sophie, Nick wanted to keep Sophie. Sophie was a mini Spike in looks and personality. She sure did love Nick! Every dog we have favors me and Nick hates it. He doesn't realize though, that they favor me because I'm the one who feeds and walks them. It's simple logic; owner with food and fun gets more love! Sophie, however, was unfazed by my offerings and adored Nick. Of course Nick wanted to keep the first dog who gave 100% of their attention to him. After much talk we realized we wouldn't be able to foster anymore if we kept Sophie and we knew it was more important to keep helping other dogs. It also helped that Sophie went to an amazing family that we knew would adore her just as much as we did!

Enter Dory! We started fostering Dory in May, we were really on a roll! Poor Dory only has one picture for some reason, I need to find more of her! Shameless confession: we both love blue pit bulls. We were planning on taking a short break after Sophie because we were both pretty upset about her being adopted but we can't resist a blue pittie and it was actually a great way to move forward and not think about the fourth dog we should NOT have had!

Of course with her gorgeous color and amazing personality Dory left as quickly as she came in and went to a fabulous home. So, still in May, we took in Missy. My thinking with Missy was that she blended in so nicely with the furniture that Nick would never even notice we had her! 
He did notice her, she blew her cover the second he got home from work...
Are you all noticing a trend? Who do you think the disciplinarian is? Surely not the one who has dogs climbing all of them in every picture!

For Nick's birthday June 3rd he got...... FAITH! The sweetest little petite girl, she was such a doll! She loved to lick everyone and everything, much to Spike's dismay. Spike is big on personal space, Faith had no concept of space and thought was was just something else to sit on and lick! 

Time for the dynamic duo of Jesse and Kane! Luckily Jesse was only with us temporarily while waiting for his foster mom to get him. I have no idea how people handle two puppies at once, I envy that level of patience! Kane came to us as such a scrawny guy and boy did he grow fast! We have no idea what Kane could be mixed with but I would guess some sort of mastiff. Watching him try to walk with his huge paws was hilarious. Kane was the most lovable foster we have had to date and that says a lot, as all of our fosters have been true to pit bull form and loved to cuddle.

Moving right along here we have Abby who brings us to the beginning August. I loved Abby! She had such a fun personality and was one of the easiest dogs to train.

And now we're to our current foster, Beatrice, who doesn't even have any pictures! My digital camera broke and Nick is in the process of getting the pictures off of it but poor Bea gets the shaft because of this. Bea is an 8 month of mix of something. We're really not sure! She has some shepherd in her but beyond that we have no idea. Good news on Bea, she's getting her new home this Thursday!

So there we have it, our year in fostering as of 9/28/3010. 10 fosters in 9 months! We really have been so lucky, we've had some amazing dogs and wonderful adopters.

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