Monday, September 27, 2010

Stormy. The start of a foster love affair.

Nick and I agreed we were done with animals so we started doing dog transports and temporary fostering. Temporary fostering lead to a week, two weeks, and up to two months but it was always in relation to an upcoming transport. Then we met Stormy.

Stormy was the first interaction we had with Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies, the rescue we now foster for, and I am forever indebted to her for connecting me with such an amazing, compassionate group of people. The women who run MABB are nothing short of amazing and as an animal lover I can only hope to make half as much of an impact on dogs in need that they have.

When we first got Stormy the poor girl was so broken. She was drug from a car and in desperate need of medical attention. MABB took in her, and took on her incredibly expensive vet bills. Once she was able to leave the vet we took her to our house. Even after all of her time spent healing she still looked like this...

Despite all of the pain she was in and everything she suffered before she was rescued Stormy was still so lovable and affectionate with us. She showed us how resilient dogs can be, how forgiving they can be when it means someone will love them. 

After the time we spent with Stormy we decided we wanted to continue helping animals in need like her. We were so impressed with MABB and how compassionate they were that we knew we had to continue our fostering with them. So that brings us to the main purpose of this blog. We're on our 11th foster this year, we're losing track, and we never want to forget one of the special dogs that came for a visit :) This blog is the public diary of our adventures in fostering. 

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