Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little background and the dog that started it all.

Spike is the first pit bull we have ever owned. I will never forget the gasps and head shakes I got from both of our families when we told them Spike was a pit bull. My mom made me promise not to bring him to her house and Nick's mom said she didn't want a pit bull staying there. Oh how things can change once you meet Spike! As I write this blog post this is the scene at my parents house-
Not only is Spike welcome at their house, not only does he sit on the leather chairs and couches that have been dog free my whole life, but my mom practically begs us to have "Grandmom Weekend" regularly with Spike where we drop him off Friday and pick him up Sunday night. Spike has made my once pit bull terrified mom into one of the biggest pit lovers I know. Every new foster we get she wants to meet immediately and every phone conversation for the past 5 years has started with "So how is my favorite grand dog doing?".
My mom wanted one picture framed from Easter last year. Silly me, I thought it would be the one of her and I but no, it was this one-

My point in this post is to show that one dog can change so many perceptions people have about "the big bad pit bull". We went into dog ownership thinking we would have one dog, not knowing as much as we should have about the breed, and we have absolutely fallen in love with the most hated, talked about, fear inducing breed in America. And we haven't had a single regret, we love our bulls.

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