Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday Funday- The Dog Version

Usually Sunday Funday is a day filled with football, beer, and bad food but the Ravens had a bye week this past Sunday, Halloween, and it just so happened that it was gorgeous outside. Nick and I decided to skip the other games and take the dogs to the tennis courts in our neighborhood so they could tire out our short term weekend foster puppy, Sinbad. Meet Sinbad:

Sinbad ran our three ragged!

We figured it might be in the best interest of everyones sanity, dogs included, to take a little walk to the tennis courts in our neighborhood and get some of Sinbad's puppy energy out! Let's be honest, it couldn't hurt Piglet to get some added exercise either. It's also nice that the tennis courts act like a huge nail file for the dogs so we got to check that chore off of the list for Sunday chores! 

Spike is obsessed with sticks and the other dogs are pretty much obsessed with Spike so it works out getting them all excited!

Bella and Sinbad were best buddies the whole weekend!

Spike would be happiest just being left alone to eat his sticks in peace..

Go Bella, wear him out!

Piglet, the one who needs this the most, is rather unimpressed with sticks and chasing the other dogs. Sigh.

After the tennis court fun we took Sinbad to meet a potential new family. He made quite the impression and is actually getting settled in to his new home as I write this! Yeah, Sinbad! 

While we were meeting the new family we also took some picture of new MABB dogs still at the kennel, waiting for foster homes. As of 11/1 these gorgeous pups are all looking for homes! 

Bronx! He is quite a big boy with the most amazing personality.

He was also a big goof ball, all he wanted to do was play!

Star, aka Bat Girl!

Hopefully Friskey will have a new home soon, she met a great family while we were there to take her picture.

And one of the most gorgeous, unique looking dogs that I've ever seen, Apache.

Did I mention at the start of this post that it was Sunday Funday THE DOG VERSION? As in, we got to play with dogs from 10am-9pm and met six new furry friends! After taking pictures of the adoptable dogs for MABB I dropped Nick off at home and went on a transport for New Beginnings German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue where I got to meet my awesome co-pilot, Bronson. He was coming from Missouri and entering rescue here in Maryland. What a sweet boy Bronson was! He was also very easy to have in the car and he really just wanted to have his ears scratched the whole ride. New Beginnings was really wonderful to work with, Bronson is a lucky guy!

And that was it! A fabulous day filled with puppy breath, dog kisses, and lots of love from our four legged friends. I came home today to three exhausted dogs, likely still recovering from Sinbad, and it almost makes us me excited for another foster puppy instead of the older pups we normally get. I think the puppies make our dogs appreciate each others laziness so much more. 

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